Hyborian Age Races

The following are major races which will be playable characters in-game:

Cimmirian woman of northern hill tribes
Cimmerians are descended from the ancient Atlanteans, typically with dark hair and blue or grey eyes. Their skin is on the dark side of fair and tans easily if ever they leave the gloomy mountains of their home. They are tall, physically powerful and very fierce, being regarded as one of the most barbaric races in the world by most Hyborians. Unlike most of Hyborian women, the Cimmerian women fight alongside their menfolk, even in full-blown war. Cimmerians tend to be direct to the point of bluntness.

The Hyborian peoples are all descended from the barbaric worshippers of the god Bori who swept out of the north three millennia ago, destroying the ancient empire of Acheron and conquering all in their path. The Hyborian lands are Nemedia, Ophir, Aquilonia, Hyperborea, Argos, Corinthia, the Border Kingdoms, the Baracha Islands, Brythunia, the Bossonian Marches, Koth, Khauran and Khoraja.As a general rule, Hyborians identify themselves not as Hyborians per se but according to the nation from which they come, such as Argossean/Barachan, Bossonian, Gunderman, Hyperborean or Tauran.

Hyrkanian or Turanian
The Hyrkanians are dark and generally tall and slender, though a squat slant-eyed type exists, resulting from mixture with a curious race of intelligent aborigines who were conquered by them on their westward drift, among the mountains east of Vilayet.
The Hyrkanians are descendants of the ancient Lemurians, once enslaved by the ancestors of the Stygians in ages past. The most prominent Hyrkanian tribe is that of the Turanians.
Almost all Hyrkanians are noted for their superb archery skills.

Khitain lord inspecting his troops
The Khitans are yellow-skinned and dark-haired, with light to dark brown eyes. Southern Khitans tend to be shorter and duskier whereas the northerners tend to be taller and paler.
They are a people of legend to the average Hyborian, famed for their fabulous wealth, ordered society and powerful sorcerers.

The Nordheimir (singular: Nordheimer) are two closely related races, the yellow-haired Æsir and red-haired Vanir. Almost all are blue eyed and pale-skinned, with tall physiques. The Nordheimir in general are welcoming to peaceful strangers, though they constantly raid foreign lands and can be vicious when abroad on one of their forays. Though the Nordheimir women do not usually fight alongside the men in war, they are charged with the responsibility of managing and defending their longhouses while the warriors are away. Many a female Nordheimer has won renown by beating off a horde of raiders with a broadsword or battle-axe to protect her home and children.

Picts on the move
The Picts tend to be a shorter but broad, swarthy-skinned folk who use talking drums to communicate over long distances. They paint various designs on their faces and breasts to
indicate to which tribe they belong and whether they are merely out hunting or on the warpath. Picts are among the most unremitting savages in the world, being highly superstitious, given to barbarous forms of human sacrifice and torture of strangers and enemy Pictish tribes alike.
Fortunately for the Hyborian kingdoms, the different Pictish tribes rarely co-operate but the Bossonians who border their lands dread the times when a particularly powerful shaman or strong chieftain does manage to unite several tribes.

Shemite king
Shemitish archers are probably the best in the world, bluebearded expert bowmen wearing light mail shirts and cylindrical helmets, born with their deadly bows in their hands. They are
good horsemen but can also fight as infantry if need be. Most Shemites roam the uncharted deserts in the eastern half of Shem and beyond as far as the kingdom of Turan, though the typical Hyborian is far more likely to meet a more settled Shemite from one of the many pastoral settlements to the west of that land.

Southern Islanders and the Southern Black Kingdoms
Darfar parade
Southern Islanders are usually very dark of skin, tall and rangily muscled. Their warriors wear white plumes in their hair but rarely bother with armour. The black corsairs of the Southern Islands are among the most feared pirates of the world, raiding up and down the Black Coast as far north as Stygia and even beyond. Many of the Black Kingdoms, including Darfar and the southern Black Kingdoms,are also home to a more advanced people of a very similar cultural and racial type to the Southern Islands.

Thoth amon
The modern ruling-caste Stygians are tall, broad and black-haired, with dusky skin and handsome, straight features. Members of the ruling caste of the Stygians are hereditary warriors, though the Stygian deserts and cities are almost as famous for producing powerful sorcerers. Most have fairly dark skin, though a few of the most ancient noble families have skin the colour of pale ivory.
Ordinary Stygians are a downtrodden mix of many different races, most of them descended from slaves. These should generally be treated as Kushites, Shemites, Southern Islanders, or even Hyborians, depending on their origins.

Vendhyan prince
The Vendhyans have probably the most advanced societies outside of the West and Khitai, with a highly sophisticated government and religion. They tend to have a light brown to mid-brown skin tone and straight black hair, with large dark eyes. Vendhyan adventurers are almost always from the Kshatriya caste, the ancient warrior aristocracy of Vendhya.

Zamoran city guardsman
Most Zamorans are black-haired and fairly dark of complexion. They are descended from the Zhemri, a mysterious race said to be one of the first human peoples. The Zamorians themselves are widely regarded as an ancient and evil race by their neighbours. This is because Zamorans make some of the best thieves in the world, but are notable for keeping faith with their employers if thieving to order.


Most Zingarans are black-haired and dark of complexion. They
are descended from a mixture of the Pictish and Hyborian
people, along with the pre-Pictish inhabitants of Zingara, who
are thought to be closely related to the Shemites. They are lean
and dangerous-looking in appearance and have fiery tempers.
The warriors of eastern Zingara sport black moustaches.

Hyborian Age Races

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