Legends of Hyboria


Months after their last adventure the group are in Arenjun, Zamora – better known as the City of Thieves.

A botched attempt to rob the fabled Tower of the Elephant resulted in a retreating battle with armoured guards and a foul giant Spider! Escaping by the skin of their teeth they found refuge (and far too much wine) in Malvolio’s Tavern. The following morning before they had the chance to nurse their hangovers they were awakened by the City Watch who placed them under arrest and bid them come to the Governor’s palace. Not liking their tone noble Sinan put on her airs and graces to such a level that the group were more escorted than arrested to the palace.

Brought before the corpulent Oleksa the Stout (perhaps the best ‘thief’ in Zamora, whose skills seem only cover ordering tax collectors to bleed the populace dry) they were given Hobson’s choice: face charges of burglary and be handed over to the dread sorcerer Yara or help him quietly find out what has happened to his bride Julianna who was taken from his matrimonial chamber the very night before. Wisely agreeing to help Governor Stout, particularly after silver is mentioned they investigate the bed chambers and find evidence that kidnapping might not be quite as involuntary as the Governor claims. Wanting the matter kept quiet (for who would respect an oppressive governor who cannot even protect his own prized possessions?) the party spend the next day and a half investigating around the city before making their way out – following a led of a rider carrying a bundle at speed before dawn and heading East towards the Pass of the Goat.

The hawk eyed Chinara spotted rider’s tracks going off to the mountains long before reaching the pass and the group decided to follow. Aside from a wary mountain lion following them but not fancying it’s chances with four mounted adventurers the day progressed well and they found themselves on winding shelf roads in the mountains. Dimitri saved at least one party member a long drop when he spotted a trap that would have swept a rider off his own and down the mountain and they safely arrived at a sunken plateau in which they could see a camp of at least 15 men. Deciding to rest the night on higher ground than risk a fight whilst tired they made camp.

In the morning they spotted a ravine with the remains of slave or prisoner wage led by two priests of the long forgotten blood thirsty God; Kovag-Re…of which Dimitri promptly looted the long decayed bodies of their golden amulets.

Deciding diplomacy would be the best option they then rode into the camp and were greeted by Bogdan and his band of Bandits. A cover story of looking for a sister named Julianna was quickly blown when Julianna appeared from one of the tents and clearly clung to the handsome Bodgan, who was clearly her lover.

Not quite sure of what to do next they were rudely interrupted by the booming voice of Oleksa himself who, along with a detachment of City Watch and his personal guard had quietly followed the party. Making it clear they would not be getting any silver and would be forfeiting their lives the party quickly sided with the lovers Bodgan and Julianna and a fierce fight ensued.

Finding themselves pushed back to the entrance of a cave the tide quickly turned with an unlikely strike to Oleksa from the thrown dagger of Dimitri in a brilliant example of cutlery interruptus. The blade was poisoned and was already at work by the time the second dagger hit the hard to miss fat mass of the Governor. Trickery courtesy of a well placed smoke bomb and the lamentable cries of the Khitan noble saw the watchmen retreat with losses.

The adventure ended with Bodgan and Julianna’s eternal thanks and quick packing. One does not slay the governor of a city and expect no reprisals. Light of coin and hungry of belly the party will have to decide the easiest way to get far away before the City Guard come back in force!



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