Legends of Hyboria

Something Rotten In Zingaria Part 2

A fierce fight that drove off the Sabre-tooth revealed it was tracking an escapee from the main mining camp of Bastida, one of their cooks who went by the name of Tork.

Tork having been stripped of almost all his equipment by the Picts decided to stick with the other characters in the hope that while they scouted out Bastida he could sneak in and get his gear.

Fine planning and stealth saw the group enter what was left of Bastida and dispatch the few Pictish sentries. However things took a turn for the worse when they discovered the mine was host to at least thirty Picts including an ill-looking and foul-smelling Shaman.

Not wasting any time the group used a combination of distraction, quick strikes and some unbelievable trickery (that part being mostly the domain of Dimitri – or Dimitri the Great and the band of Picts now call him) saw the Shaman dispatched, the Picts confused and the few remaining Zingarian miners, including Don Moxica being freed.

Needless to say this was a result beyond the wildest expectations of Don Atilio, who showered them with silver, wine and his finest foods upon their return. The group also has also gained the beginnings of a reputation in this particular area of Zingaria, and likely infamy among the southern Bear Clan of Picts who raided into the territory.



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